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Supervisor Josephine G. Boyd

I strongly believe the calling of God is upon me to lead this department during this season. My transformational leadership style is inclusive and extends to incorporate the entire Body of Christ to utilize the gifts and talents of those within the department and the EMFJ Jurisdiction.


I have been a part of this jurisdiction since its inception as the Eastern Missouri Western Illinois and the transition as the Eastern Missouri first Jurisdiction for 65 years. I was saved when I accepted Christ on my life in 1973. My plethora of experiences provides me with the knowledge to lead and understand the inter-workings of our denomination.


My leadership and educational experiences includes:

  1. Being educated in the St Louis Public School System
  2. Matriculated from Forest Park Community College District
    1. Associates of Science Degree in Human Services
  3. Matriculated from Washington University
    1. Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology
  4. Served as Head Start Policy Council President
  5. Recipient of a scholarship sponsored by the Urban League
  6. Recipient of the Danforth Fellowship Grant
  7. Department manager at Wal-Mart Corporation


My depth of Christian experience and service includes:

I Currently serve EMFJ as the Assistant Supervisor of Women, during this experience, I have led by example. Supporting the programs and visions of our Jurisdictional Prelate.

  1. I have served as District Purity Lady
  2. I have served as District Missionary for both the Waynesville and Grant Price Districts.
  3. I have served 12 years as the EMFJ Women’s Department Secretary.
  4. I Serve as Secretary of the Board of Examiners
    1. Preparing paperwork for the credentialing process
  5. I serve my local church as:
    1. A Sunday School Teacher
    2. Pastor’s Aide Leader
    3. Choir President (Nazareth Temple COGIC)
    4. Administrative Assistant to the Pastor
    5. Building Fund Chair Person
    6. Auxiliary Chair Person


Further leadership skills was demonstrated by my appointment by Elliot Richardson of Health Education & Welfare Department in Washington DC to sit on the Head Start Advisory board in the Office of Child Development. Within the scope of my responsibilities, I started The Career Development Program for teacher and parents in the St. Louis Head Start Program.


All of the aforementioned experience in ministry and other areas of leadership have prepared me well to serve as Supervisor of Women. I further assert that my leadership ability has been demonstrated over the past two years as I currently, and continue to serve God, our Jurisdiction Prelate, our Jurisdictional Supervisor of Women, and all the parishioners of EMFJ, as the Assistant Supervisor of Women.


If I am afforded the opportunity to serve I will continue the transformational leadership style that honors God and that is framed in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27.


Respectfully Submit in Christ,


Mother Josephine Boyd

Supervisor of Women

Eastern Missouri First Jurisdiction